Heavy Duty Lemon Juicer


Product Dimensions 8.5″D x 2.8″W x 2″H
Product Care Instructions Hand Wash is More Recommended, Dishwasher Safe
  • GET ALL JUICE FROM YOUR FRUIT: Unleash the full potential of your favorite fruits with¬† Lemon Squeezer. Extract every last drop of liquid, leaving no juice behind. Transform limes, lemons, and even small oranges into liquid bursts of flavor. Say goodbye to wasted fruit and hello to a citrusy symphony in your glass.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL AND SCIENTIFIC DESIGN: Crafted with stainless steel material and engineered with a touch of genius, Rekix’s Lemon Squeezer is the epitome of quality and thoughtful design. The robust construction and advanced engineering ensure maximum juice extraction with minimal effort. Elevate your juicing experience to a new level of excellence.


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